Doctor Who Lights & Sound Tardis Money Box

Keep your money safe with this Tardis money box!

What better place to store all your coins than in the Doctor’s Tardis Talking Money Bank?!

This incredible time machine is sure to take good care of your money on the inside. That is of course, unless the Time Lord pilots the Tardis through time and space, disappearing from your bedroom and reappearing in your sibling’s bedroom!

Your Tardis Money Bank features speech and sound FX, a flashing Tardis lantern light and opening front doors. Simply press the front doors to open your Tardis, reveal the coin slot and hear the Doctor speak.

Place your money in the bank and close the doors to hear the Tardis dematerialise “vwoorp, vwooorp” sound and set the Tardis lantern light flashing. Remove your money from the base of your money bank.


Out of stock - Expected Date: 31st Oct 2019

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